For boat owners along the Thames we provide a deliver service of high specification diesel, a range of maintenance oils and solid fuel. Our narrowboat is purpose made, carries 6000 litres of treated red diesel.


Using untreated red diesel can cause engine wear, coked fuel lines and pumps particularly in boats. Results are increased running costs and, at worst tanks clogged with the dreaded “diesel bug”

To meet the most demanding requirements all our diesel is treated with SOLTRON.

This provides:

Increase efficiency and reliability

Soltron contains enzymes which breaks up contamination which passes through the filter leading to cleaner and more efficient fuel your engine.

Poor fuel quality has a potential impact on your vessels operation, treating or purchasing Pre-treated fuel eliminates these issues and restores fuel stability.

Some background

Since January 2011, the composition of red diesel has changed with a new EU directive reducing the sulphur content, which gives diesel its lubricity and natural biocidal action, significantly. This has meant red diesel direct from untreated sources, now with a higher water content, is prone to increased growth of bacteria (the “diesel bug” ). For boat engines, often left for long periods, this can cause a dramatic increase in contamination leading to Without the advantage of sulphur lubricity, engine parts, fuel lines and pumps are more likely to become coked up and subject to greater “wear and tear”, and as a result fuel is burnt less efficiently, increasing running costs.

Solid fuel/diesel

We deliver diesel via our fully equipped and commercially EA licensed working narrowboat and we also supply high quality solid fuel either by boat or direct from the wharf at Staines if this is more appropriate.

Just call to place your order or to find out where our boat will be if you fancy a look round.

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